5 items you must initially buy

Here is my list of the first five items you must buy to start fishing seriously. Whatever you do, don’t make an impulse purchase - take a walk down the aisle of your chosen supplier and ask a professional for their advice. Then go away and think about it. You might need to save up to buy the right one, but it’s worth spending a bit more to get a quality product.

Simms Hardbite star cleat

5techcleatThere is nothing more off-putting than falling in the river because you lost your grip on the rock you were standing on. So cleats are a must have.

I believe this is one of the best products on the market for several reasons. It fits perfectly between the lugs on the outersoles of most types of boots. It’s made of Carbite and the chips are welded to the three arms of the star which gives you the traction you need. Plus it’s exceptionally durable.






Polaroid Sunglasses

5techsunniesSunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from flying hooks and the harsh UV light that we have in New Zealand. Good polaroid glasses like Maui Jim’s also cut through the glare, allowing you to see deep into the water.


You can purchase a $30 pair that will work - but in my experience they scratch and break really easily. They also never seem to fit my head properly and tend to squeeze above my ears, causing my head to throb by the end of the day.



Modular tippet dispenser

5techdispenserThere’s nothing more irritating than having a several foot long piece of tippet dangling from your chest. I have a friend who lost two spools of tippet moving up the river through bramble - he hooked the tags to a bush and didn’t realise till it was too late. That’s $50 down the drain.


So I recommend a modular tippet dispenser. It’s a super functional part of your equipment which keeps the tippet on the spool till you need it.





Snipper, Clipper, Nippers

5techclippersNow this is a piece of equipment that you can’t do without. Yes can cut the line with your teeth, but it will end up costing you a fortune in dental fees.


Snippers, Clippers or Nippers come in all shapes and sizes. The small cheap solutions are okay, but after a few years they become blunt and you need to replace them. C&F make a great clipper that has 3 tools in one. But the best of the best is Abel, who give you a lifetime warranty.




5techfloatantIf your dry fly keeps sinking because it’s wet, or if you have taken a couple of fish on the dry and it won’t float, floatant is the answer. It will keep your dryfly or indicator riding high on the surface of the water.


You just blow a couple of cheeks of air at the fly, then dab it on your shirt and apply the magical floatant. You should use it on the first two foot of your floating line as well. Buy a good one and it’ll last forever.